HCM Orthocare manufactures and supplies a selective range of spinal inserts, which are recognized for robustness and accuracy. Spinal implants are used for the most part utilized for convalescing spinal cracks. Offered implants are used for spinal obsession and are considered one of the compelling gear for treatment. Spinal Implants surgery is done to reduce friction, correct deformities, and stabilize the spine. We manufacture customized products as per the necessities of the clients. We are presenting the spinal implants with high-quality products that are durable and highly sterile for the ease of surgeons during surgeries and for the comfort of our clients. We acquire high-quality raw materials from our reliable dealers.


We present to our valuable customer that tube to tube clamp which are designed with excellence that doctors find it very easy to use in critical surgeries. We use top quality material and design products with precision that had made HCM Orthocare a leading manufacturer in orthopedic field. We provide cost effective implants which are of top notch quality and easy to use for surgones. Our products are recommended by surgeons world wide as we provide products which matches international standard. Our range of tube to tube clamp is used in treatment of tibia and femur, used to control bleeding.

Tube to Tube Clamp Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

External Fixators Exporter

Why should you choose HCM Ortho as your provider of ORTHOPEDIC External Fixators in India?

ORTHOPEDIC External Fixators is India’s oldest and largest manufacturer of orthotic external fixators. ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485, CE, and WHO GMP are among the certifications.16 years of experience

  • The company was established in 2006.
  • Feedback: You will receive a timely response to your emails within 24 hours.
  • Price: Reasonably priced, especially considering the high quality.
  • Certifications such as ISO 9001:2008, CE, ISO 13485, and WHO GMP
  • Infrastructure: Cutting-edge technology. In the manufacturing process, CNC machines are used.
  • Employees: A well-trained and motivated team is essential.
Usage/Application Bone Fracture – External Fixation Usage
Brand HCM Ortho
IS It Anodized
Product Code S 3433000
Quality Per Pack 01

Traumatic Wire & Pins

After an injury or surgery, “internal fixation” is a technique for holding shattered bone pieces together. Stabilization of bones may be required for them to heal straight. Internal fixation (hardware) such as pins or wires is used to stabilise uncomplicated instances, particularly in youngsters. Metals that are suitable for the body, such as stainless steel and titanium, are used for the pins and wires. Pins and wires can be concealed beneath the skin or left protruding from the surface. Pins or wires protruding from the skin are normally hidden behind a cast or splint, where you won’t be able to see or feel them.

As previously stated, pins or wires are utilised to repair damaged bones for two main reasons: 1) as a result of an injury or trauma; 2) as a result of a surgical treatment to straighten two misaligned bones. Internal fixation pins or wires are utilised in both cases to keep the proper position until it heals. The internal fixation is no longer necessary once the bones have healed.

Ilizarov Ring Fixator

The ring fixator provides relative stability because it is an exterior fixator. The build provides exceptional stability since pins are put across different planes in a multiplanar fixation. The stiffness of the structure varies based on the attachment configuration, the number of rings utilized, and the type of pins used, such as K-wires or Schanz screws. The fracture can be distracted or compressed, and abnormalities can be rectified, depending on the assembly. Distraction osteogenesis is a typical application for the ring fixator to treat bone loss, shortening, and deformity.

This structure helps to maintain the limb structurally and binds the shattered bone pieces together so that healing can take place over time. It’s possible that you’ll need to wear this frame on your limb for several months.

  • An Ilizarov frame is used to do the following:
  • Aid in the healing of difficult fractures (complicated broken bones)
  • Aid in the healing of serious skin or tissue loss
  • Allow new bone to grow in between the two shattered bone ends to extend long bones if too much bone was lost in the accident. Correct congenital or traumatic malformation of the bones.
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