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HCM Orthocare is one of the prominent manufacturers in the field of Orthopedic Implants, including bone screws that are used in association with long and small bone fixation. Bone screws are available in various designs, thread and shaft diameters and lengths. HCM Orthocare provides customized products as per the requirement of client which makes the surgery easy and successful.  We use high quality raw material like Stainless Steel and Titanium which matches international standards. Primary function of a Bone Screw is to create compression which helps to anchor or fix bone plates, so plate stays in proper place while mending a bone injury. The structure of Bone Screw include head, length, diameter, pitch and tip, there is variation in each component according to which different types of Bone Screw are made.

We supply a wide range and sizes of Bone Screws that includes


Cortical screws are the dense on outside which are primarily used for protection of internal cavity. These screws have close shape, shallow threads and large core. These screws are fully threaded and blunt at the end. Used while fixing plates to long bones. Materials used at HCM Orthocare in manufacturing Cortical Screw are Stainless Steel and Titanium.

Various sizes of cortical screw which HCM Orthocare manufactures in various length, head diameter, pitch, core diameter and hexagonal socket are as under –

  • MM Cortical Screws
  • 0MM Cortical Screws
  • 7MM Cortical Screws
  • 5MM Cortical Screws
  • 5MM Cortical Screws
Cortical Screws 4.5 mm Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Bhavnagar
Malleolar Screws Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India


Malleolar Screws has cortex thread and shaft which has limited use in metaphyseal area and distal humerus. Malleous Screws are designed as lag screw to be used in medial mallelor frxs. Trephine tip allows insertion without self tapping and in osteoporotic bone sometimes even without pre – drilling the cancellous bone. HCM Orthocare offers a wide range of Malleolar Screws at comparatively cost effective prices within time frame assigned to us by our clients.

HCM Orthocare manufactures Malleolar Screws in various sizes which are partially threaded and with length 25 – 80mm.

  • 5mm Malleolar Screws
  • 5mm Malleolar Screws


Cancellous screws are used while fixing cancellous bone. These screws are most frequently used in the metaphases of long bones where cancellous bone is plentiful. They have deeper cuts and wide spaced threads in comparison to cortical screw.  As density of cancellous bone is less than cortical bone, the screw threads cut their path in the bone when the screw is inserted.

We Manufacture Cancellous screws which are self-tapping screw and partially threaded and various thread sizes ranging from 30mm-150mm –

HCM Orthocare manufactures Malleolar Screws in various sizes which are partially threaded and with length 25 – 80mm.

  • 0MM Cancellous Screws
  • 5MM Cancellous Screws