HCM Orthocare is dedicated to providing products to improve the current treatments in orthopedic trauma surgery. We are reputed manufacturers, exporters, wholesalers, and retailers of supreme quality Nails. These products are manufactured precisely under the guidance of our expert professionals. Radius Intramedullary Nail Nails which are also known as Radius Intramedullary Nail Rod or Inter Locking Nail that is used to treat fractures of long bones of the body. It is called Intramedullary Nail because a metal rod is forced into the medullary cavity of a bone to fix fractures. With our years of experience & in-depth knowledge in this field, we are engaged in offering a quality-assured array of Intramedullary Nails. Nails can be solid or hollow. Large diameter implants require reaming of the medullary cavity before insertion. Materials used in manufacturing Intramedullary nails are Stainless Steel and Titanium. We use advanced technology in manufacturing by which we are able to design products with precision.

Trochantric Femoral Nail: – Nailing for Trochanteric fracture, intertrochanteric

To improve the visual sight of the femoral neck, assist blade or screw location, and improve handling, several design features have been integrated into the system:

Upper Bend Tibial Nail Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
  • Use bright, radiolucent material to make handling and visualization easier.
  • The short barrel allows for a better neck view.
  • Radiopaque lines can be utilised to align the nail with the femoral neck and head when seeing a true lateral view.
  • Finding the instrumented end of the nail is easier with a guide wire hole.
  • Before inserting the wire into the bone, make sure the head element’s trajectory is visible.
  • Groove in which a screwdriver can be guided through connections and locking mechanisms.
  • Quick assembly is made possible by a streamlined assembly cap.

Femoral Interlocking Nail

Femoral Interlocking Nail system is the result of long term experience in medullary nail. This nail is used for Femoral Shaft Fractures, Subtrochsnteric fractures, Impending Pathology factures. This nail can also be applies in the case of dangerous pathologic factures. HCM Orthocare manufactures high quality Femoral Interlocking System which is designed precisely using hi – tech machinery. Our clients can avail supreme quality Femur Interlocking Nail from us.

Femur Interlocking Nail Supplier and Exporter in India


  • 9mm Diameter – 320-440mm Length
  • 10mm Diameter – 320-440mm Length
  • 11mm Diameter – 320-440mm Length
  • 12mm Diameter – 320-440mm Length
  • 13mm Diameter – 320-440mm Length
  • 14mm Diameter – 320-440mm Length


HCM Orthocare is considered as reliable manufacturer and supplier of best quality Femoral Proximal Interlocking Nail. These nails are used in large variety of factures in the femur bone. Our products are designed uniquely with cannulated locking bones, interlocking nails are widely trusted for proximal holes that are designed considering industrial standards. Femoral Proximal Interlocking Nail are available in Stainless Steel material and can be used in both right and left leg.

Femoral Proximal Interlocking Nail Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India


  • 9mm Diameter – 250-440mm in 130&135 Degree
  • 10mm Diameter – 250-440mm in 130&135 Degree
  • 11mm Diameter – 250-440mm in 130&135 Degree
  • 12mm Diameter – 250-440mm in 130&135 Degree

Proximal Femoral Nail

The proximal femoral nail is a funnel-shaped intramedullary nail with minor bending to match the proximal femoral diaphyseal trochanteric morphology, similar to the gamma nail. The proximal femoral nail contains two proximal holes, one for a big femoral neck lag screw further distally and the other for a smaller anti-rotation screw/pin directly above, in contrast to the gamma nail. At the distal end of the nail, there are small holes for locking screws.

The proximal femoral nail is available in a variety of lengths, one of which reaches the distal femoral metaphysis. Longer nails are used to treat squat and stretched nails.

Humeral Intramedullary Nail

HCM Orthocare is a manufacturer of Humeral Intramedullary Nail in accordance with the newest industrial standards and as per the specifications of customers. Using the highest quality stainless-steel and titanium procured from the reliable suppliers of the market. Empowered by modern technology, our company is the dominant manufacturer and supplier of a solid humeral nails at very economical prices. It is used for the fixation of diaphyseal shaft & comminuted shaft fractures and also used in the fixation of short distal or proximal fragments. Before supplying, the proper assortment is done by our team of professionals. Our products can be easily installed and are appreciated for their features such as durability, hassle free performance, and high strength.

Solid Humerous Nails Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in India


  • 7mm Diameter – 205-310mm Length
  • 5mm Diameter – 205-310mm Length

Syrus Femur Interlocking Nail

We are able to afford a collection of Syrus Femur Interlocking Nail Left & Right. To the clients because of our general industrial knowledge. Our accessible products have decomposition conflict, high tensile power, excellent presentation, and a longer check existence. All of these products are prepared with high-quality unprocessed equipment obtained from honest vendors in the business.


Name: Syrus femurs with interlocking nails on each side

Catalog: P156

Material: It is made of titanium and stainless steel 316L

Distance: 9mm, 10mm , 11mm , 12mm

Duration: 340mm to 440mm (20mm diff)

Further information:

  • Item Code: P156
  • Payable by Letter of Credit or Bank Transfer
  • Port of ship: Ahmedabad
  • Delivery Time: Minimal


For pediatric femoral fractures, Titanium Flexible Nail has emerged as accepted procedure. The treatment has traditionally been based on age, influenced by type of injuries and location of facture. Titanium Flexible nail has become the choice of stabilization in pediatric lone bone fractures as it is easily mobilization, easy implant removal and high patient satisfaction. Our entire nail is broadly valued by the clients for their smooth edges, erosion and scraped spot obstruction, dimensional precision, safe use and high elasticity. Our associates are engaged with assembling and providing best quality scope of titanium adaptable nail all over.

Titanium Flexuble Nail Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India


  • 2mm Diameter – 24-44cm Length
  • 5mm Diameter – 24-44cm Length
  • 3mm Diameter – 24-44cm Length
  • 5mm Diameter – 24-44cm Length
  • 4mm Diameter – 24-44cm Length
  • 5mm Diameter – 24-44cm Length
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