A bone plate is generally a metal plate attached to a severely fractured bone by means of screws. A BONE PLATE is an implant that is screwed onto a bone, a joint or several bone segments.

HCM Orthocare is an orthopedic implant manufacturer and supplier providing premium quality orthopedic Bone Plates that are manufactured using high quality raw material which matches international standards. There are two functions of bone plate. It transfers force from one point of bone to other, which protects the fractures. Bone plates are thin metal implants which are used to immobilize bone segments. Bone plates are fixed with screws to keep the bone in proper place to align bone and help in the healing process of fracture.

The stiffness of bone plate is most important as it strengthens the bone by providing shield till the bone heals and regains its original strength. Materials used in designing bone plates are Titanium and Stainless Steel. Both material are strong so required strength is provided to the bone and there is no reaction caused in the body.

Why To Choose HCM Orthocare?

  • We provide high quality products which increases utility
  • We use high tech CNC machines and raw material which makes our Bone Plates unmatchable.
  • High tech machineries are helpful in manufacturing so precise length and diameter is maintained.
  • We also make sure that this implants are non-toxic so there is no reaction like inflammation in the body.
  • High quality raw material are used, which matches international standards.
Bone Plate Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in India

Trauma Bone Plate:- Titanium Bone Plates Manufacturer in India

Surgeons currently utilise a variety of orthopedic implants to repair bone fractures, including orthopedic bone screws, orthopedic plates or bone plates, Intramedullary Nails, Cannulated Screws, Cortical Screws, Locking Head Screws, Variable Angle Locking Plate, and more. A traumatic plate bone is a typical implant that helps broken bones heal faster by stabilising them and providing strong internal support. These orthopedic plate bones reconnect the fragmented portions of the bone together. In the medical field, this sort of mending is known as osteosynthesis.

In general, metallic surgical implants provide orthopedic surgeons with a tool for precise bone stabilisation and fracture management. The indications for each of the implants in this area vary based on the size and application of the bone.

Trauma plate bone is a commonly used implant that helps damaged bones recover faster by stabilising them and providing strong internal support.

bone plate essentially serves as a splint over the shattered bone fragments, holding the fracture fragments together.

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