One of the best Spine Implant Manufacturer, Suppliers in India

HCM Orthocare being a leading manufacturer and supplier of orthopedic implants supplies wires, pins and fixation that are fabricated using excellent quality raw materials. Our products are widely appreciated by our clients for precise design. Which we have achieved using hi tech machineries. Reason why wires, pins and fixators are requires is a broken bone must be stabilized and supported carefully until it is strong enough to handle body weight and movement. Wires are often used to pin the bones back together that are too small to fix with screws. Fixators are of two types Internal and External. Internal fixation enables patients to return to function earlier and reduces the incidence of nonunion and malunion of broken bones. External fixators are used as a temporary treatment for fractures, because they are easily applied and fixed externally.

Different types of Wires, Pins and Fixators HCM Orthocare manufactures are as under –

Neuro Implant Manufacturer, Supplier in India

Neuro Implant is India’s most well-known producer; it creates innovative orthopedic implants and manufactures them under the supervision of industry professionals. HCM Orthocare is a well-known brand in the industry that produces high-quality neuro implants and offers the best Arthroscopy Neuro Implants and Instruments.

The firm created in 2006 in an HQE – High Environmental Quality building, neurosurgical implants for the spine and chest, and its influence on the atmosphere and working conditions of its workers and employees.

We create, design, and produce our goods in India, and we export them all over the world through our distribution network and client recommendations, based on our extensive expertise in the field of medical strategy. Bone Plates, Bone Screws, Orthopedic Nails, Wire Pins & Fixators, Locking Plates, and Cervical Cage with Blade & Spinal Implants are just a few of the products we provide. We create our expandable neural implant line using complex technologies and high-quality assets obtained from our trusted sources. Neuro Implants are specifically manufactured for cranioplasty, neurosurgery, and the repair of big implants are custom-made bone deformities, plastic surgery, and maxillo-facial surgery. Neuro Implants are also exported. These are popular, in great demand, and provide an incredibly smooth operation with a razor-sharp edge. In orthopaedic surgery, neurosurgical instruments are employed.

Important Characteristics:

  • Light weight
  • Flexible yet not bending
  • Rust (Corrosion) resistance
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