Enriched by our vast industrial experience in this domain, we are involved in manufacturing and supplying the brand named HCM Orthocare Special Locking Plates products. The manufactured special locking plates are a form of internal fixation that is used in surgeries to hold fractures in place and allow it to heal at correct place. Our manufactured special locking plates are fracture fixation surgical tool with threaded screw holes, which permit’s screws to thread to the plate and function as a fixed angle device.

Different types of Special Locking Plates that we manufacture are as under

Distal Femur Plate With Locking Systems

HCM Orthocare is a well known name in orthopedic implant manufacturing market. We are prominent manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer and exporter of different types of Locking Plates. The offered range is available in various sizes, patterns, designs and dimensions as per the variegated requirements of our prestigious clients. As orthopedic surgery has evolved, trends in treatment of supra and inter – condylar femoral fractures now more commonly involve operative management. Distal Femoral Locking Compression Plate has a smaller application device and allows both locking and compression screw fication of the femur shaft. Our products are well tested by experts on every parameter including , durability, dimensional accuracy, optimum finish, minimum maintenance, hassle free functionality and robust construction. Our product range starts from 5 hole plate to 13 hole plate.

3.5mm / 4.5 MM LC LCP Narrow/ Broad with Locking System

Our range of products comprise of premium quality Orthopedic Bone Plates that are manufactured in compliance with industrial standards of quality using highly qualitative raw materials. Locking Compression Plates are available in 2holes to 22 holes, with uniform hole spacing. The hole spacing in plate is regular. Plate positioning is thus not restricted by the presence of mid-section. The Locking Compression Plate system is used in trauma surgery. Locking plates are made up of materials like Titanium and Stainless Steel which is one of the strong materials that gives strength to bones, till the bone regains its strength.

HCM Orthocare is an orthopedic implant manufacturer and supplier providing premium quality orthopedic Implants that are manufactured using high quality raw material which matches international standards. We manufacture best quality orthopedic implants. Products are durable, made with accurate dimentions, optimum finish and with minimum maintenance.

6.5 CANCELLOUS SCREW 16mm/32 MM THREAD/ Full Thread With Locking Head

HCM Orthocare is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Cancellous Screws. Our brand products are highly well-known in the field of orthopedic implants manufacture. Cancellous Screws are used to mend small and long bones like scaphoids, tibial plateau facture. These screws are available in self drilling and self tapping. Cancellous Screws have a canal drilled trough their core which allows guide wire to be placed. Cancellous screws are used while fixing cancellous bone. These screws are most frequently used in the metaphases of long bones where cancellous bone is plentiful. They have deeper cuts and wide spaced threads in comparison to cortical screw. Premium quality raw material are used in manufacturing of cancellous screws. The products are developed under guidance of experts to provide our customer international quality products. These Locking Plates are highly acclaimed across the market for precision, durability and highly sterile to meet the specified needs of our client, along with this we offer customized products as per need.

3.5 MM / 4.5mm Cortex Screw With Locking Head

We have a qualitative range of Cortex Screw with locking head which is offered by us to meet the rising demands of the market. We manufacture customized products as per the necessities of the clients. We are presenting the spinal implants with high quality products which are durable and highly sterile for ease of surgeons during surgeries and comfort of our clients.

Cortical screws without self tapping screws have round ended tip. Cortical screws are the dense on outside which are primarily used for protection of internal cavity. These screws have close shape, shallow threads and large core. These screws are fully threaded and blunt at the end.  Used while fixing plates to long bones. Standard quality raw material is used in manufacturing of all implants. Cortex screws are available in Titanium as well as Stainless Steel.

DCS PLATE 95 Degree Plate With Locking System

HCM Orthocare is well known in market for manufacturing of DCS 95 degree with locking system building a wide range with precision. These plates are available in different sizes, measurements, thickness. High tech machinery is used, so we can provide products which are customer durable, highly sterile for our customer’s satisfaction.

DCS Plates are of following types 95 degree plate with dynamic compression hole, DCS Safety Lock Plate 95 degree and Pediatric DCS Plate 95 degree with dynamic compression. DCS Plate are used in fixation of fractures of the proximal femur. This plate is used with 12.5mm screw in barrel and cortex screw 4.5mm in the shaft region. These plates are available in 6-22 holes. We also provide products that are customized as per the requirement of our clients.

L BUTTRESS PLATE 4.5 MM (left & RIGHT) With Locking System

HCM Orthocare is a well known in international market for manufacturing of orthopedic implants. Our products are manufactured in accordance with the international quality standards, our implants are used all over the globe by orthopedic surgeons. L-Buttress Plate are used in Proximal Lateral Tibial fractures, Lateral Condylar fracture, Metaphyseal combination in Tibial Lateral approach and Antero Lateral incision. 6.5mm Cancellous Screw and 4.5mm Cortical Screw without lock are used.

We offer wide range of L Buttress plate 4.5mm which are widely used in orthopedic industry, available in 3-12 holes. We manufacture are highly reliable, durable and made with high quality raw material. These products are made of premium quality Titanium and Stainless Steel.

Orthopedic Clamps in Jamshedpur

Proximal Humerus Plate with Locking System (LP-HP)

We HCM Orthocare manufacture Proximal Humerus Plate with Locking System using hi tech CNC machines, ensuring that the material is utilized to an optimum level which makes our products cost effective and durable. Being a client oriented company, we provide our clients with instruments in customized sizes and specifications to meet the varied requirements of our clients. Proximal Humural fractures could result in malunion , non-union, osteonecrosis of humeral head Locking plate design does not require compression between the plate and the bone to accommodate loading.The shallow thread profile that is shallow than that of traditional screw. We manufacture Proximal Humerul Plate with Locking Syatem in various sizes as under-3.5mm LCP Proximal Humerus plate in 3 holes – 12holes

Laterial Tibial Head Buttress Plate With Locking System

 Being a top brand in the field of manufacturing orthopedic implants and known for its design we have manufactured lateral tibial head buttress plate with locking plate using high quality material and finest technology which allows us to serve our customers with international quality products. Lateral Tibial Head Buttress plate also known as hockey plate as its shape resembles hokey stick. This plate uses 4.5 cortical screws and spongiosa screw 6.5mm. The holes in plate are uniformly spaced. Available in –118mm, 149mm, 181mm, 214mm, 246mm. Materials used in manufacturing these plates are Stainless Steel and Titanium which are chose in accordance with international standards.

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